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When is it time for Imuran?

Over the past 3 years I have been on various dosages of Prednisone ( and Mestinon ( to manage the various symptoms of Myesthenia Gravis. For about 1 year, post thymectomy, I was relatively symptom free and required a low dose of Predisone and Mestinon. It was really quite amazing, the thymectomy had reduced my Predisone intake from 60mg to 5mg and Mestinon from 12 x 60mg to 4 x 60mg. Myesthenia is a disease which can go into , or come out of, remission of symptoms without warning . Well, after about a year my symptoms returned – focused in the bulbar area – the neck, mouth, eye and throat area. So, my Neurologist increased the dosages accordingly – my symptoms started to get better for about 6 months, at which point we decide start to decrease medications. Again, symptoms remained stable for about 3 months but them flared up again. It is because of the relatively unreliable eff

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